NEWS 2004


Former exchanger assigned to Academy . . .


Richard “Rich” Dodge (EX’95) has arrived for a three-year assignment at the Academy where he will teach French in the Department of Foreign Languages . . .  Prior to this assignment, he was assigned to the NATO AWACS Program as an aircraft commander/instructor and evaluator.

Other former exchangers now teaching French at the Academy include:  Evelyn Scanlon Rogers (EX’ 83) and Miles Dahlby (EX’86).



Former exchanger assigned to England . . .


Jeffry “Jeff” Jackson (EX’95), the current US Air Force Air Attaché is being reassigned to London, U.K., in February 2005 after serving in Paris for 3½ years



2004 Exchange aspirants Return to Salon . . .


The 36th contingent of École de l’Air participants in the Exchange Program left Colorado Springs on 14 December to return to Salon, following a very successful and comprehensive stay at the Academy.


Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 4:51 PM
Subject: 2O ans après

I feel like a mousquetaire quoting the title of this novel written by Alexandre Dumas...But Iwas in Colorado Springs in 1984.
After a tour in ops squadrons including  UPTat Cognac where I met Dan Bader durind his pilot exchange at Orange AB (80 miles North Of Salon) , I turned to international relationships and after 2 years spent working for the MoD policy directorate I am now   acting as air advisor for the French milrep ( AF Lieutenant general) of NATO military Comittee at NATO HQ Brussels. One of my french classmate Christophe Deherre is doing almost the same but it's for European Union.
My email is
Looking forward to hearing from you and others




    The current Commander of the École de l'Air, Général Jean-Pierre Martin [EA'74] visited the Academy from 25 to 28 October.

    On the first day, following a briefing on the Academy, he visited the cadet's Chapel and the dormitories. Then, he met with the French aspirants. At noon, he attended the traditional lunch in the Mitchell Hall staff tower.

    In the afternoon, he visited the Foreign Language Department (DFF) where he confirmed that the oldest foreign exchange program at the Academy was in great shape.

    That same day, he presented the highest French decoration, the legion of honor, to Jacques Adnet during a wonderful and touching ceremony in the presence of Jacques Adnet's closest friends and family.

     That evening, he and his party attended a Western dinner at the Carlton House, the Academy Superintendent’s quarters.

    The next day, General Martin was able to appreciate the quality of the Academy's facilities. In particular, he visited the Aeronautics and Astronautics laboratories. In the latter facility, two French aspirants who currently work on the Falconsat project acted as tour guides and briefed the general and his party.

    Following a quick lunch at the Golf club, under a beautiful clear Colorado sky, the general enjoyed a nine-hole round of golf.

    On the last day, the general was invited to a Character Development training session. His speech there was much appreciated. He left Colorado Springs that afternoon, very satisfied with his visit and convinced that his mission had met all of his expectations and objectives.


Photo gallery of the visit

Medal presentation ceremony for Jacques Adnet:

    - Speech by Jacques Adnet

    - Speech by General Martin