In the protocol signed in August 1969 by  General Moorman, Superintendent of the Air Force Academy and Général Grigaut, Commandant de l'École de l'Air, the goal of the Exchange was stated in this fashion:

    "The USAF Academy-École de l'Air Exchange Program is designed to further the bonds of friendship and understanding which exists between the two Air Forces. Its aim is to enable the cadets of the two academies to get to know one another better, to improve their knowledge of the language and of the technical advances of the other country and to deepen their general culture, to obtain a better knowledge of the academy of the other country, and more generally, by promoting contacts and, by placing the cadets in a different environment, to bring them to widen their viewpoints on the major problems of the world." 

     The overall goal of the Exchange has remained the same since that date and has served as a model for the creation of other international exchange programs between the Air Force Academy and its counterparts in other countries.