2007 Exchangee loses life


Aspirant Axel Dufour, 2007 exchanger, and a childhood friend, both experienced climbers, attempted to summit the North face of Crabère Peak (8,303 ft) in the Pyrénées Mountains on Sunday morning January 20th 2008. According to the French Search and Rescue, the two boys had fallen nearly 1000 ft when their bodies were discovered.


The funeral has taken place in Cier-de-Rivière, Axel’s home village near of Toulouse, in presence of General Gratien Maire, Superintendent from the French Air Force Academy, and many Aspirants from the “Promotion Colonel Clostermann”, Axel’s graduation class. Capt Dan Wilkinson, the USAF exchange officer at the Ecole de l’Air represented USAFA.


In the semester he spent at USAFA, Axel was known as a brilliant and helpful young man who consistently encouraged the cadets of Squadron 21 to pursue and achieve greater success.  He will be greatly missed.


(Saber presentation ceremony - Dec 5th 2007 - Brig Gen Born  - Asp Dufour - Col Mueller)